The Most Important First Step

Prior to your first visit, a free "getting to know you and your pets" will take place at your home.  Because no two animals are alike, care plans are customized to meet your pets personal needs.  Each visit usually lasts approximately 40 minutes.  Pet sitting is offered in your home for dogs, cats, birds, fish, ferrets, iguanas, exotics, and many more of your household pets.

When do you need a Professional Pet Sitter?

When you're going on vacation, and don't want to subject your pets to cold metal boarding kennels where they get very little attention.

When you're going out for the evening, and need someone to walk or let your pet(s) out in the yard and feed your pet(s).

When you're running late coming home from work, and need someone to walk or let your pet(s) out in the yard and to feed your pet(s), and make sure that they're OK.

It's time to visit Grandma, but what to do with Kitty and Fido?  "Take them to a kennel" is no longer the standard reply.  Today, behaviorists agree with what Pet Lovers suspected all along - our pals prefer their own turf.

Visits include:

Lots of love, hugs, and attention
Fresh food and water
Petting and playtime
Walking and excercising if needed
Scooping of litter boxes
Cleaning up any accidents
Administering any medication (pills or injections)
Watering of your plants (upon request)

Crime deterrent services (included at no extra charge upon request):
Bring in the mail and newspaper
Alternate lights, curtains and blinds
Set trash can out on pick up day

Why not just impose on my Neighbor
or Relative?

Avoid the pitfalls of enlisting the aid of a friend, neighbor or relative.
Instead, stick with the "professionals".

"First and foremost, it's a professional's job to focus
on your pet(s) and your wishes", points out Ryan Dryden
of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).
"For acquaintances, your pet is only one of a myriad of concerns."

In the case of a pet sitter, this means adhering to your
behavioral standards to ensure your pet doesn't develop
unwelcome habits, such as jumping on people or lounging on
your new couch.  Perhaps more importantly, professional pet sitters have appropriate strategies to cover the unexpected.

"For example, what happens if your acquaintance is called away
on a family emergency or comes down with the flu?",
asks Kay Calzolari of Pet Sitters International (PSI).
"A professional sitter already has a reliable
contingency plan in place for such cases."

Has a friend ever "forgotten" to return a garden tool,
or your favorite serving dish to you?  Of course!
We all have friends or neighbors like that.
Is it possible that they may "forget" to let your
dog out in the back yard?  Of course!
Could they go out to Dinner with their children,
then decide to go to the movies afterwards?
Oops!  They forgot to take care of your
pets when they were supposed to, didn't they?
Would you know that they failed you?
No!, but your pet knows!

Benefits of "Professional" Pet Sitting

Advantages for the Pet

Stimulating activities for your pet thereby helping
avoid boredom related behavioral problems.
Relieve your pet's stress associated with long hours
spent indoors by allowing exercise, elimination, and fresh air.
Your pets follow their daily diet and exercise routine.
Minimal exposure to illnesses of other animals.
The dependability of a professional pet sitter providing your pet(s)
with individualized, personal attention,
with oodles, and I mean oodles, of love!!!

Advantages for the Pet Owner

We come to you - you don't have to worry about dropping off or picking up your pets during certain hours on specified days.
You won't have to impose on a friend, neighbor, or relative
who may forget to care for your pet.
Increased home security due to our regular
activity in and around your home.
The peace of mind provided by knowing that your pets are safe at home in their own enviornment where sights, smells, and sounds are familiar, avoiding the stress and increased potential for communicable
illnesses associated with typical kennel settings.
You can return any hour of the day and find happy, healthy pets
greeting you at the front door.

What's the next step?

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